A Call to Action: Congolese Civil Society Declaration on TJ in the DRC

From 4-5 May 2017, the Congolese Coalition for Transitional Justice and Impunity Watch hosted an advocacy forum in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). A group of twenty-eight Congolese civil society representatives discussed the advances, obstacles and opportunities for transitional justice in the DRC and signed a Declaration – ‘A Call to Action’ – engaging to work together on a common strategy for redoubling efforts towards TJ in the DRC.

Recognising that failing to deal with the DRC’s past has perpetuated violence and impunity, the organisations assert that TJ measures at the community, provincial, national and regional levels are vital. This, they declare, is especially important since attention for TJ is currently off the political agenda.

The Declaration stresses that the realisation of TJ measures must enable Congolese citizens to participate in victim-centred and gender-sensitive initiatives that observe the values of independence, impartiality, and inclusiveness.

Impunity Watch will continue to support the initiative with our partners in eastern DRC by accompanying the implementation of the CSO TJ strategy.

To read the full declaration in French, please see here.

The background study and its summary are also available on our website in French.