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Policy brief:​ Youth inclusion in transitional justice policy in Africa

25 February 2022: Including young people in the design and implementation of transitional justice (TJ)  processes is now recognised as crucial for strengthening the value of these processes for society.


A new policy brief by Impunity Watch  and the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR)  draws on the voices of young people in four African countries (Burundi, DRC, Mali and South Sudan) to guide the debate about how youth can be involved in transitional justice policy development, and provides recommendations on ways forward.

The research seeks to shift the focus from policy expert inputs to engaging the views of youth and youth activists and understanding their experiences and perspectives.

Responses highlighted several challenges to youth participation and meaningful inclusion in decision-making spaces, with additional barriers faced by young women.

English: Youth inclusion in transitional justice policy in Africa: Recommendations and ways forward

Français: L'Inclusion de jeunes dans les politiques de justice transitionnelle en Afrique: Recommandations et pistes d'action

Watch the policy brief launch and discussion online here.