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DRC: Young people speak up on transitional justice

Young people voiced their views on transitional justice in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the wider African continent in a roundtable in Goma on 14-16 December, with the aim of influencing provincial, national and continental policy on the issue.


Their discussions centered around:


  1. The participation of African youth (especially young women) in policymaking;

  2. Gender and masculinities; and

  3. Trauma healing and psychosocial support.


The roundtable built on the findings of a research project by Impunity Watch and its partners Africa Reconciled and the Réseau des Associations Congolaises des Jeunes (RACOJ), which featured interviews with 99 young women and men in Goma, North Kivu and Bukavu and South Kivu. 


This research is part of a pilot project implemented jointly by Impunity Watch and the Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) round the African Union transitional justice policy.

Recommendations emanating from the research and the roundtable discussions will be shared with the DRC government and the African Union.

With about 70% of the African population under the age of 30, young people must have a central role to play in transitional justice processes. Engaging young people in discussions with policymakers is therefore a crucial step towards fair transitional justice that could benefit victims of conflicts in DRC and beyond.

The participants of the roundtable included:

  • Transitional justice Adviser of the Minister of Human Rights of the DRC, from Kinshasa

  • Consultant in Policy Development at the African Union (Policy Development Unit, Peace Support Operation Division/Political Affairs, Peace and Security Department), from Addis Ababa

  • Justice Adviser of the Governor of North Kivu Province

  • Head of Provincial Youth Division of North Kivu Province

  • Member of the Provincial Parliament of South Kivu Province

  • Civil society actors from the Provinces of North Kivu and South Kivu

  • Research participants from North Kivu and South Kivu Provinces

En français: Les jeunes échangent sur la justice transitionnelle