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Victims of conflict in Guatemala mark National Day of Dignity for Victims, reject the possible re-election of Consuelo Porras as Attorney General


25 February 2022: To mark the National Day of Dignity for the Victims of the war in Guatemala on 25 February, the National Victims Platform and several organisations of victims and survivors honoured the memory of their loved ones and expressed concern about the crisis in the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Guatemalan justice system.


They traveled from their communities to Guatemala City and marched from the Supreme Court of Justice to the Central Plaza.

They delivered a petition to the Nominating Commission for the selection of the Attorney General, calling for the election of honest, impartial and independent people to integrate the list of nominees to the post. They urged them not to be pressured by groups that seek impunity and use the Prosecutors Office to attack justice operators, civil society and political opponents.


They rejected the re-election of María Consuelo Porras, who has been destroying the Prosecutor's Office and obstructing investigations to protect corrupt people; and their opposition to candidates close to Guatemalan President Alejandro Giamattei.


They also stressed the general prosecutor must be independent of political power so that he or she can carry out the work objectively and impartially.

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