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Memorialisation as an Alternative or Complementary TJ Measure - Exchange and Policy Development in Bangkok, Thailand. November 2014

 Impunity Watch, together with swisspeace and Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA), are holding event, "Memorialisation as an Alternative or Complementary TJ Measure - Exchange and Policy Development in Asia" , from Monday 3 November to Friday 7 November in Bangkok, Thailand.

 Civil society organisations and victim’s groups from Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Timor-Leste are invited to explore how memorialisation can be used as a complementary or alternative transitional justice process (TJ), and/or as a step towards institutionalised processes of TJ such as trials and truth commissions.

During the week, the participants will use the Impunity Watch Guiding Principles of Memorialisation to have a greater understanding of memorialisation and how memory initiatives can be used as part of Transitional Justice processes.

The present discussion document was used as a basis for the Exchange, to share best practices and lessons learned among participating organisations in order to stimulate new ideas and initiatives, as well as the development of country strategies and policy recommendations that were presented to diplomats, donors and international organisations working in the area of TJ.

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