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Official presentation of the Akariho Karavugwa programme to the Burundian authorities

On Tuesday 11 December 2018, in collaboration with our three partner organisations, THARS, MIPAREC and Association Dushirehamwe, Impunity Watch organised an official presentation of our Akariho Karavugwa programme to the Ministry of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, and the provincial and communal authorities of the programme intervention zones.

The objective of the event was to enable key government actors in the field of human rights, reconciliation and social reconstruction to take ownership of the programme and to build contacts with the partners. In addition, the presentation marked the renewal of the partnership between the Ministry of Human Rights, Social Affairs and Gender, and Impunity Watch.

The Akariho Karavugwa programme, meaning what happened cannot remain secret, we must talk about it in order to prepare for the future, aims at contributing to reconstructing the social fabric and to inclusive processes of dealing with the past in Burundi, with a view to restoring and strengthening social cohesion.

The event was nurtured by exchanges and debates between the administrative authorities and / or their delegates, making it possible to take ownership of the activities of the programme and to seal future strong collaboration for the launch of activities planned in the three target provinces: Bujumbura, Cibitoke and Muyinga.

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