Impunity Watch is an international non-profit organisation, seeking to promote accountability for past atrocities in countries emerging from a violent past.
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Where We Work

Impunity Watch works from three offices on three continents and has worked in over 20 different countries.

Within these countries we operate on the basis of a bottom-up rationale to transitional justice, prioritising grassroots insight to create practical and targeted policies that genuinely respond to local needs and concerns. 

Our two country offices are in Burundi * and Guatemala*. Having a long term presence in these countries enables us to have an impact on local and regional dynamics, all the while continuously maintaining appraised of political, cultural and societal changes. By so doing we are able to build on our research and do intensive capacity building as well as local and regional knowledge sharing. The results of these two tracks of work feed into our national, regional and international lobby and advocacy work to ensure that key themes, issues and communities have an impact on transitional justice policy and practice.

We currently work predominantly in the countries listed in the submenu. If you would like to see more of our work please look at our programmes and projects section.

Our headquarters is based in the Netherlands, allowing us to stay close to developments in international policy and have quick access to international actors and policy makers. From here we coordinate comparative research projects and maintain international partnerships and run our other programmes. 

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Observatorio de Independencia Judicial

The Observatory of Judicial Independence is a tool to monitor and analyse the internal and external factors that threaten judicial independence in Guatemala.



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