Impunity Watch supports the Clean Hands for Justice Campaign in Guatemala

On October 12 in Guatemala, the "Clean Hands" campaign (Manos Limpias) was relaunched to promote integrity and ethics within the judiciary. The campaign is driven by the association of judges of the Institute of the Judiciary since 2015, and now associations of university students and civil society organizations have joined, supported by Impunity Watch. During a week, the students will visit five major judicial centers in the country to invite judges to sign a public commitment, in which they commit to ensuring that within their courts no corrupt or contrary to ethics practices will take place when issuing judgments. This initiative is part of the struggle led in Guatemala to promote judicial independence and the fight against corruption.

In this relaunching event the following participated as witnesses of honor: Karin Wagner, of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner -OACNUDH- Guatemala; Annabella Morfin, Attorney General of the Nation -PGN-; the academic and lawyer Alvaro Castellanos H .; Claudia Méndez Arriaza journalist; and the lawyer Alexander Aizenstatd.

More information about the event: