Letters in Support of the Renewed Mandate of Ivan Velasquez

With this letter to the Secretary-General; the International NGO Forum in Guatemala (FONGI), the International Platform against Impunity, International Solidarity Networks Act Alliance, CIFCA, CIDSE and Grupo Sur support the extension of the mandate of Ivan Velásquez as commissioner of the CICIG.

The CICIG more than any other UN-supported initiative addresses the root causes of impunity by investigating organised crime and corruption networks. It has also contributed the capacity building in the Attorney General's office.

Ivan Velásquez has been a key figure throughout this process and has due to his capabilities encouraged support for both the CICIG and his mandate, despite the constant smear campaign he has suffered.

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Con esta carta a Ivan Velasquez, las organizaciones expresan su apoyo a su mandato, que ha funcionado a pesar de las condiciones restrictivas. Ellos continúan ofreciendo su apoyo durante la extensión de su mandato.

Lea la carta completa aquí en español