Malicious Lawsuits Targeting Iraq's Post-2019 Tishreen Protest Movement - A Policy Brief.

After the outbreak of major protests in Iraq in October 2019, security officers, armed groups, political figures, officials, and members of the judiciary used malicious lawsuits to target participants in the protest movement. These lawsuits have been quite deliberately filed in bad faith with the aim of halting human rights work and activism, critical journalism, or street organising. This policy brief finds that violations define each step of these malicious prosecutions and assesses how they impact young Iraqis’ lives afterwards, before making recommendations to address the issue.


An adapted version of a longer Arabic-language report originally published by the Iraqi research team ‘Think of Others’ (Fakr bi‘Gheyrak), this policy brief is reproduced here in Arabic for the first time in collaboration with Impunity Watch.

The Policy Paper is available in English and Arabic

The Original Arabic Language Report can be also found here