Impunity Watch Holds Two National Forums on Democracy, Rule of Law and Good

Governance in Burundi.

Impunity Watch organised two national forums bringing together national-level policymakers in a roundtable format to discuss recommendations and priorities on key themes of democracy, rule of law, and good governance. These forums follow a series of community dialogues, communal forums and provincial forums, all facilitated by a group of thirty young people (‘Artisans de paix’/  Peace Brokers) and thirty women leaders who have been trained on different aspects of civic education, democracy and rule of law. 

The series of local forums and dialogues on different levels served to collect priorities and key recommendations of local communities and advance them from one level to another (local, communal, provincial and national) with active participation of political actors and elected officials.

The first national forum was held in March 2021 with three overarching issues selected by the youth peace brokers and women leaders:
•    Awareness of and respect for the law
•    Corruption
•    The political participation of women and youth

While the second forum was held in May 2021 with another three overarching issues:
•    Culture and customs preventing women and girls from enjoying their rights
•    The non-execution (or delays) of judicial decisions / judgments
•    Failure to respect prisoners' rights

These National Forums are part of a project entitled “Tuganire, Twubake” which means, “Let’s Talk to Build”. The project aims to contribute to strengthening the democratic culture and the state of rights in Burundi, more specifically to promote civic education for the active engagement of citizens in democratic processes, especially women and youth. With the support of the European Union, we are implementing this project with two partner organisations: MIPAREC and Association Dushirehamwe, in six provinces of the country, including Bujumbura Rural, Cibitoke, Muyinga, Cankuzo, Bururi and Ruyigi.

You can watch an excerpt from March's Forum through this link, and one from May's Forum through this link

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