Networking and Victims' Rights Workshops With Partners in Iraq.

In September 2021 and in collaboration with our partners, Impunity Watch resumed face to face workshops in Iraq. 

Grassroots Iraqi civil society groups led by victims, survivors, family members, women and youth met in Suleymaniye through a networking workshop. The workshop aimed at exchanging information about their projects and the challenges facing implementation. Convening groups also talked about the relevance of transitional justice approaches and the importance of victim participation throughout implementation. 


Another workshop was held in Erbil in collaboration with the Iraqi Alamal Association, which aimed at exploring inclusive approaches to memorialisation in Iraq as a means of preventing future violations. Government and civil society representatives, along with members of directly affected communities, learned from past work in Lebanon, Argentina and Colombia, and began planning next steps for their own memory initiatives. The workshop also aimed at building and deepening working relationships between Iraqi government bodies relevant for work on memory and Iraqi civil society and victim representatives, as well as exploring potential means to preserve Iraq’s memory as a constructive means of advocacy for justice and redress for victims whose rights and needs largely remain unaddressed.

Our team continues working toward ensuring victims of human rights violations and affected communities have an active role in the fight against impunity and in accountability mechanisms.