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Impunity Watch releases new policy brief on the impact of the report of the Commission for Historical Clarification on victims in Guatemala

For more than 20 years, victims and human rights organisations in Guatemala have been using the Report of the Commission for Historical Clarification (CEH for its initials in Spanish) to claim their rights to truth, justice and reparation. They have been using this report as a reference in their search for the disappeared and exhumations. They have been using it as documentary evidence in national and international courts as well as a basis to support the National Reparation Policy and demand reparation. The report has also been an important tool to preserve historical memory in Guatemala.

Impunity Watch presents its most recent Policy Brief on the impact of the CEH report on victims and survivors of the internal armed conflict. Guatemala’s experience demonstrates the importance of victim participation in establishing facts. At the same time, truth reports can help victims restore their dignity and strengthen their call for justice and reparations. This Policy Brief also presents recommendations for the Guatemalan State urging it to revive its commitment to the Peace Accords and the findings of the CEH report. New generations have the right to derive lessons from the past to push toward the non-repetition of the atrocities. 

The full report is available in English and Spanish.