New Website to Monitor the Independence of the Judiciary in Guatemala

Our office in Guatemala has launched a new website to monitor the independence of the judiciary.

The Observatory of Judicial Independence is a tool to monitor and analyse permanently the internal and external factors that threaten judicial independence, as a guarantee of due process in Guatemala.

Its purpose is to produce objective and up-to-date information on the risks and attacks affecting the work of judges and magistrates, which will be readily available to citizens and justice system authorities through this website and periodic reports.

The information from the Observatory will serve to assess compliance with international standards regarding judicial independence and to propose policy recommendations and mechanisms appropriate to the State of Guatemala.

The Observatory is joint collaboration between Impunity Watch and two other organisations:

El Instituto de la Judicatura- is a civil association made up of lawyers, judges, and magistrates who seek to achieve a true rule of law, and promote modernization of the Judiciary.

La Plataforma Internacional contra la Impunidad is a strategic alliance of European non-governmental organizations. It is specialized in international advocacy and attracts the attention of international mechanisms towards structural causes and effects of impunity in different areas of Central America. Their efforts are based on the work and proposals of associates in the field.

Click here to see the new website