Meet the Team

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Institutional Development Coordinator 

Ben Lydon joined Impunity Watch in January 2020 as Institutional Development Coordinator with a focus on strategic fundraising and Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning. With over eight years’ experience in NGO management, Ben previously worked with Syrian civil society organisations IMPACT - Civil Society, Research and Development (2019) and Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression (2016-9) as well as at the regional policy think tank Arab Reform Initiative (2013-6). In 2012, Ben co-founded Initiative for a New Syria where he managed the funding of locally-led humanitarian and civil society projects in Syria until 2016 and he was a co-founder also in 2012 of CODSSY (Collectif du développement et secours syrien). Prior to joining NGOs, Ben has led teams of English-language teachers providing in-house courses at Libyan financial and investment institutions with OpenCities Ltd (2010-1). Ben holds a Masters in International Security from Sciences Po Paris and a BA in French and Arabic from the University of Exeter. He is fluent in English, French and Arabic.