Meet the Team



MENA Programme Officer 

Darine Matmati joined Impunity Watch in December 2019 as MENA Programme Officer, with a focus on Tunisia. Darine is a doctoral candidate in International Law at Jean Moulin Lyon III University in France, working on nuclear energy and focusing on issues of nuclear disarmament, nuclear safety and environmental sustainability. She is both an activist and a published researcher. Prior to joining Impunity Watch, she was an adjunct teacher at the Faculty of Judicial, Political and Social Sciences in Tunis where she taught Constitutional Law for more than three years. She is also part of a "Maghrib in Transition" research unit funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York and housed at the Center for Maghrebi Studies in Tunis. As a researcher and campaigner, Darine has been associated with major civil society platforms such as the Nobel-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN). She is also the founder of GEDN (a nuclear disarmament study group) in Tunisia.