Meet the Team



MENA Programme Officer 

Maha Ghrer is a Syrian human rights activist. She co-founded in 2011 the Syrian organisation “Kesh Malek,” which was dedicated to promoting democratic change as well as developing educational and cultural programs in northern Syria. Maha previously worked as a Project Officer with the Syrian organisation “The Day After” and was mainly involved in the Transitional Justice Coordination Group. In addition, Maha designed a project for women detainees with the aim of advocating for their rights and ensuring their effective participation in transitional justice efforts. This project evolved into an independent body known as the “Women Survivors Group,”and Maha became its general coordinator. Prior to that Maha was a volunteer with PAX and carried out public speaking and human rights campaigning on Syria. Maha is knowledgeable about the social and political situation in Syria and the Middle East and North Africa region. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Aleppo University. She speaks Arabic, English and Dutch.