Politically-Informed Transitional Justice 

We believe that transitional justice practices will have a greater impact if they become more innovative and embrace politically-informed transitional justice methodologies that are deeply rooted in contextual specifics and enable the most marginalised to participate. One of our three strategic programme priorities for the period 2017-2021 is thus to ensure that transitional justice policies and processes are politically informed.


Our priority is to ensure that transitional justice policies are locally driven, capture the complexities of each context, and integrate conflict and peacebuilding dynamics through creative and innovative solutions. We support civil society to rely on their creativity in developing such strategies and encourage approaches that address the root causes of abuse and power structures sustaining impunity. 


To this end, our programmes and activities include: facilitating spaces to reflect on the needs and dynamics of politically sensitive approaches in transitional justice processes; analysing interconnections between transitional justice, peace processes and constitution building; stimulating improved exchange and coordination of support for such processes; identifying and sharing examples and components of politically-informed approaches in practice.