Urgent Statement to the International Community

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Urgent Statement to the International Community Regarding the Duty of the State of Guatemala to Guarantee Independence and Transparency in the Nomination Committees The International Platform against Impunity, CIDSE, CIFCA, and FONGI express their deepest concern for the decisions of Guatemalan Constitutional Court that shorten the legal period of the General Attorney Claudia Paz y Paz, on the basis of the application of transitional provisions of the Guatemalan Constitution. We urge the international community to maintain its attention to this case that demonstrates the weaknesses of Guatemalas justice system and also have an negative impact on the strengthening of the rule of law. We urge the Guatemalan Government to ensure the transparency and independence of the Appointing committees for the nomination of General Attorney, and the judges of Supreme Court and Appellation Chambers.


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