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Best Laser Levels For Long Distance Duties

Have you ever been interrupted by the tool you work with just because it couldn’t reach your job requirements before? In this case, we are talking about the long-distance when working with a laser level. So today let us show you the best laser levels for long-distance duties in order to avoid such inconvenience problems.

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Bosch 3-Point Laser Alignment with Self-Leveling GPL 3:

Bosch 3-point laser level GPL3 can guarantee you absolutely precise accuracy which makes it the most on-point device you will ever come across with. Furthermore, it is a user-friendly model that you don’t have to go through several steps of reading the manual guide to work with.


  • No of beams: 02

  • Working range: 100ft

  • 360 coverage: 01 plane

  • Accuracy: +-1/8”

  • Weight: 2 pounds

  • Batteries: 3AAA


+ Bosch 3-point GPL 3 has plumb and level point projection to transfer accurately. The accuracy of this device is about +-1/4” at a distance of 100ft so that you can simply work on outdoor sites.

+ It’s durable for long-term use and has come up with a diamond-cut beam splitter for superior accuracy and precision of your work.

+ It’s a self-leveling laser level model with a smart pendulum system that helps to protect its internal parts from damage and also provides stability to the alignment.

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Makita Green Cross-Line Laser Level:

Makita has been doing great in the manufacturing field of laser levels for quite some time so far. From indoor to outdoor, you can accomplish almost any kind of project with the assistance of this best rotary laser level for construction.


  • No of beams: 02

  • Weight: 1.03 pounds

  • Working range: 50ft

  • Laser class: II

  • Leveling type: Self-leveling

  • Batteries: 3AAA


+ This best cross line laser level can project horizontal and vertical beams to provide accuracy and precision to your tasks. The accuracy of the horizontal line is about +/- 1/8” at a distance of 30ft. The accuracy of the vertical line is about +/- 3/32” at the distance of 30ft.

+ The self-leveling operation of this model works perfectly even when being used on a rough surface.

+ It also has an integrated pendulum lock to enhance versatility, pulse mode to extend battery life and locking the angles.

+ Besides, the battery life of this model can provide 30 hours of working.

Dewalt DW089K Laser Level:

DW089K laser level is one of the powerful tools that can provide a wide working range for you. Thus, it will enhance your productivity as well as help you to work in a comfortable environment without any disturbance.


  • No of beams: 03

  • Leveling Type: Self-leveling

  • Visibility range: 50ft

  • Laser class: II

  • Rated: IP54

  • Batteries: 4AA


+ The accuracy of Dewalt DW089K is about +/- 1/8” at a distance of 30ft. The working range is about 165ft.

+ It has a micro-adjust knob that helps you in adjusting the layout, improved visibility, and additional accessories for multi-purpose use.

+ The battery of this best laser level for builders can provide 30 hours of constant running.

+ It has a built-in magnetic pivot bracket to adjust the laser level on any surface with ease.


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