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ACS250 own is developed to satisfy the manufacturing and efficiency requirements of system integrators, initial devices producers (OEMs) and panel contractors. The own provides 2 levels of environmental management, beginning with the basic IP20 panel-mounted framework. For more requiring ecological problems, such as wash-down applications that need on-machine installing, the IP66/UL Kind 4x own is a perfect service. Function: · 105 to 250 V AC solitary or acs250 01u 04a3 1 three-phase · Ethernet and electric motor encoder comments user interfaces are extremely incorporated and enhanced for requiring movement applications · Risk-free torque-off is a basic function, to satisfy the new European equipment directive. SIL3 PLe · Movement programs choice · 300% overload for high-dynamic velocity Basic Accessories: Rubbing kind turning cleansing cable acs250 01u 04a3 1 clean Favorable Hands-on Blade Tensioning Hydraulic complete stroke clamping Action Pulley with V Belt Coolant storage container Tungsten Carbide deal with overviews with sphere acs250 01u 04a3 1 bearings

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