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How to watch Eurovision 2022 live stream online: start time and channels near you

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It’s the TV event of the year: uniting millions of people from countries all over the world to watch outlandish musical acts take part in this four-hour fever dream while voting for their favorite. Promising incredible entertainment and more cheese than a fondue foundation, below we break down how to watch Eurovision 2022 live online from anywhere - and get a 100% free live stream through BBC iPlayer.

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Italy after Måneskin’s rocking performance of “Zitti E Buoni” in 2021, with the high-energy event co-hosted by Singer-songwriter Mika, recording artist Laura Pausini, and TV Presenter Alessandro Cattelan. National broadcasters often provide their own running commentary, like Graham Norton’s slyly amusing coverage for the BBC.

26 countries are in competition this year. But which will take the top prize home? Personally, we’d like to see Norway’s “Give that Wolf a Banana” go the distance with their dangerously catchy, deliriously silly song and whose band members look like Daft Punk on psychedelics.

yrotechnics, jaw-dropping costumes, and emotional song writing from the “Big Five” countries and beyond, with Sam Ryder representing the UK, Germany’s Malik Harris singing the raw “Rockstars”, and Alvan and Ahez delivering fiery elemental energy for France with their track “Fulenn” (Spark).

Don’t miss a moment this Saturday, May 14 at 8pm BST / 3pm ET / 12pm PT / 5am AEST Sunday by following our guide below on how to watch the Eurovision 2022 live stream online from anywhere.

The Eurovision Song Contest reaches its grand final on Saturday night in Turin, with Ukraine, Italy and the UK among the favourites to win

Yes, I said the UK. No, I don't believe it either. But here we are.

Sam Ryder, a construction worker turned TikTok star, wowed people so much during rehearsals that bookmakers have been shortening his odds of winning all week.

Now, I know what you're going to say: "But surely Eurovision is all about politics". And to an extent, you're right. Countries often trade votes with their neighbours. If Greece and Cyprus don't award each other "douze points", it would probably provoke a diplomatic incident.

But several studies - here's the most recent one - show that political voting rarely affects the overall winner. In order to get enough points, you need a broad range of support that's impossible to achieve through favouritism alone. Political votes definitely affect the mid-table results, however, while the last-place positions are reserved for the worst songs.

The Eurovision Song Contest is back, replete with the requisite amounts of fire and lasers and smoke and sequins. And this year, ESC producers have added still another element to the already overstuffed visual mix — water, in the form of a rippling cascade that lines the edge of the stage of the 12,350-seat PalaOlimpico in Turin, Italy.

This infinity-waterfall effect might be an attempt to evoke the world-famous fountains of Rome, or it might be just there to look cool. It's Eurovision, so it's probably a bit of Column A, and a whole lot of Column B.

The three hour broadcast, which in the U.S. will be streamed live on Peacock starting at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday, May 14, originates from Italy this year because it's the home of last year's winner, the metal-adjacent band Måneskin, who'll return to perform their latest single during this year's show.

Twenty-five countries are competing in Saturday's Grand Final. As they do every year, five of those countries — France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. — automatically scored a slot without having to compete in the semi-finals; the so-called Big Five give the most money to support the Eurovision broadcast, and privilege has its ... um, privileges. The 20 other countries in the mix had to duke it out in two semi-final rounds on Tuesday and Thursday, leaving 15 competitors behind them in the glittery dust. (Check out Latvia's doomed entry, a gleefully goofy song about veganism, organic produce, the environmental benefits of reusable grocery bags and also, not for nothing, oral sex.)

You won't be seeing an entrant from Russia this year, for obvious reasons. They were banned early on, which is a big deal, as Russia dependably makes it through to the Grand Final and generally does quite well. Their absence shifts the usual balance of power slightly.

LONDON — The Eurovision Song Contest started in 1956 as a friendly music competition between public service television broadcasters and has since grown into the world’s largest — and perhaps most eccentric — live music event.

This year, the competition takes place while there is a war in Europe; in February, the event’s organizers announced that Russia would be barred from competing, citing “the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine.”

This week, 35 other countries, including Ukraine, competed in semifinal rounds ahead of Saturday’s final, which attracts more than 180 million viewers around the world. The event, held in Italy this year, rewards live viewership, with clips from performances and reactions spreading quickly across social media.

Tonight we're covering the Grand Final and Winner's Press Conference. Live from 18:30 - 02:30(ish) CEST. This page updates automatically.

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on Saturday 14 May live from the PalaOlimpico, Turin, Italy.

Chanel performed SloMo, representing Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy.

Welcome to our Eurovision Song Contest 2022 live blog for Saturday's Grand Final in Torino. We're here with you all through the show,

Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – Second Semi-Final Thursday 12 May, 21:00 CEST Final 14 May Eurovision 2022 Live Free Online 12 May 2022.

Song Contest final TV channel, start time and how to watch BBC live stream. The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is on Saturday 14 2022

Am Finalabend es Eurovision Song Contest 2022 gibt es ein umfangreiches Programm online ... 19 - 19.45 Uhr live,, Warm-up mit Alina & Stefan.

The Eurovision grand final is the climax of the world's greatest, glitziest and campiest song contest, in which singers from around Europe

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