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Any accessible way to improve my Italian language and my writing skills?

I'm good in English but my writing skills needs to be improved studying Italian currently so any ways to improve my Italian skills ? online ?

Who do you think is to blame for todays poor writing skills?

pictures that you found funny of bad writing would be cool to see too.I think that television and texting has a lot to do with this problem today.


My neighbor went to college and reads a lot, but her writing skills are extremely poor. Why is that? My neighbor went to college and reads A LOT, yet her writing skills are terrible. Here are samples of her writing skills I contacted you and got not response as jet Please expect my apology Seriously, it s THAT bad. She was born in Spain and her native language is Spanish, but she speaks good English, but her grammar is a little off. Like she would say to, Make sure you ask homework questions online free and don t say nothing to nobody. Other than her grammar, she doesn t speak with an accent. But what shocks me is that she went to an English speaking college and reads English books. She even brags to all her neighbors about the TONS of books she reads and she offers to lend them to everyone. But yet, her writing skills are terrible.Why is she like this? Isn t reading supposed to make her smarter? People always said that reading is good for the mind.

How to improve my english speaking and writing skills?

please suggest me how can i improve speaking and writing skills, often i make mistakes on pronunciation and puncutation.

Does somebody want to become my penfriend to improve my writing skills? Thanks

Why are there so many people with very poor writing skills on site?

Is this country so full of people who has dropped out of school or is it more serious than this , meaning the schools teachers have failed them? And lets not forget the government.I am appalled that so people write a question you can't read as there are no punctuations, paragraphs etc. I am no expert or perfectionist , but it's shocking the way some people write. I can forgive young teenagers, but if they continue they will end up unemployed. Does the teachers not see? Does the parents not care???I also don't mean " text slang" .Does anyone ever read books or a newspaper?Or am I missing something?Many good points. Yes I can seem judgemental , but that is only because I am so bemused. And ironically I made some of my own mistakes ha ha. I am also not English and English is not my first language. And I am grateful for this site as it is great fun indeed. What I am wondering is the general standard, say someone just writes without stop. I can't read it And yes it is all evolving but there has to be limits Thank you all for very good answers. I will vote for the best. I am also glad that this question was answered by a lot of eloquent people. As then others will see the good examples there And as I said young people I can forgive, but be aware.

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