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“This issue originated with the government,” Mr Hill said.

“All of this happened before [the] Facebook post which has never been the basis of Labor’s criticism of the government’s cashless card policy. Only Labor will scrap the privatised Cashless Debit Card as we do not support forced income management or privatised social security.”

Instead of the Facebook post, Mr Hill and the ALP have pointed to amendments of the Social Security Bill Advanced Fighting Fantasy first proposed by the Coalition in September 2019 – which sought to alter details of existing cashless trials – as the root of their campaign.

Comments made in 2020 to the Seven Network by Social Services Minister Anne Rushton, “we’re seeking to put all income management on to the universal platform, which is the Cashless Debit Card” and repeated claims by the Prime Minister that the age pension is a welfare payment added weight to Labor’s belief that the government intended to move forward with the policy.

However, at Wednesday night’s people’s forum, Prime Minister Scott Morrison emphatically denied the plan to expand the cashless credit card welfare scheme stating “it’s not happening, not happening”, spending Thursday reassuring elderly voters the Coalition won’t force them onto a restrictive debit card.

Mr Hill was an early mover on TikTok thanks to an intern who suggested the member for Bruce trial the app during last year’s budget.

Since that time, Mr Hill has built a 147,000-strong following who absorb his explainer-type videos on policy issues like the religious discrimination bill to quick-fire edits of Liberal politician gaffes.

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