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Seminar: The truth about the migrant caravans in Central America


Co-Organisers: Impunity Watch and the International Institute of Social Sciences (ISS)

Speaker: Bartolo Fuentes, Honduras
Date: Monday 30 September from 15.30 till 17.00 hours
Place: ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, 2518 AX Den Haag, room 3.01
Spoken Language: Spanish, some whisper translation available


About the Lecture:
Bartolo Fuentes will give a lecture (in Spanish) about the recent history of the Migrant Caravans that tried to organize a safer, collective journey to the United States for the ever increasing numbers of poor families that try to escape poverty, repression and discrimination in their home countries. Building on his own experience while accompanying the caravans as a journalist, he will offer inside information on what happened. He wants to show how from all different sides and angles, politicians at the local and the international level have been inventing their own “truths” and explanations for the migrant caravans and try to instrumentalise them for their own political benefit.

Bartolo kindly invites anyone who wants to

know the truth and the real facts behind the 

caravans, to join this conversation. After his

talk, the public will be invited to raise questions

and open a discussion on how to move

ahead in the present situation of increasing

authoritarian rule, electoral fraud and

generalised corruption in the region. How to

stop the serious threats to democracy, the rule

of law and human rights in the region? What

can and should the international community

do to reverse the negative trend? And what

can civil society, solidarity links and

development cooperation do?



About the Speaker:

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Bartolo Fuentes is a Honduran journalist, politician and activist. As a long-time activist on labour rights and migration issues, he accompanied the thousands of Salvadoran, Honduran and Guatemalan migrants who formed caravans to travel overland to seek asylum in the United States in the last couple of years. He is a former Congressional representative for the oppositional LIBRE party (2014 till 2018) and is an active critic of the highly contested November 2017 elections that kept president Juan Orlando Hernandez in power. He is also the editor of Vida Laboral magazine and the

Honduras Labour website and is a host of the radio show Without Borders. In October 2018, Bartolo was arrested in Guatemala after the Caravan entered that country on its way to the United States, and was three days later deported to Honduras. He has since been accused by the governments of Honduras, the US and Guatemala of planning and leading the initial migrant caravans. He took refuge for some time in El Salvador.

You can access the invitation here.