Victim Participation in Guatemala: We Struggle with Dignity

Impunity Watch (IW) is pleased to announce the publication of a new research report “We Struggle With Dignity: Victims’ Participation in Transitional Justice in Guatemala”. The report is available on our website both in English and Spanish. The study examines victims’ participation in policies surrounding transitional justice (TJ) in Guatemala, as well as the impact of these policies on victims and communities affected by violence. TJ policies adopted by the Guatemalan State have been generally fragmented, lacking an integrated approach incorporates victims’ perspectives, especially those of indigenous people and women. Victims have confronted major obstacles to accessing official TJ mechanisms, facing hostility from public officials, former military groups, and segments of the country’s economic elite. Public institutions charged with aspects of TJ have problematic mandates, limited financial resources, and do not have personnel trained in serving victims. Moreover, the State continues to fail to respond to many of the demands made by victims’ organisations, while many of the survivors and witnesses are dying of old age and illness without having found their loved ones or receiving justice or reparations.

This research publication is part of a comparative research programme on Victim Participation in Transitional Justice. Countries included are: Guatemala, Honduras, Tunisia, Kenya, Cambodia and Burundi