Victims and survivors demand justice on the National Day Against Enforced Disappearance in Guatemala

Victims and survivors of the armed conflict in Guatemala commemorated the National Day Against Enforced Disappearance on 21 June 2019. A Mayan ceremony was led by an Ajq´ij, a spiritual leader, to remember and honour the 45,000 victims who were forcibly disappeared by the State of Guatemala during the internal armed conflict.

Following the ceremony, victims and survivors held a press conference during which they demanded justice for the cruel crime committed against their loved ones. Addressing the audience, they emphasised how difficult it is to live without their loved ones and without knowing the truth about their whereabouts, noting that the state has not provided them with any concrete answers to their queries. The victims and survivors called for the approval of the proposed Law No. 3590 which stipulates that the state has the obligation to “search” for the disappeared persons.

The victims and survivors voiced their concerns

over the Government’s attempt to restrict

fundamental information about the role of the

Police during the conflict, documented in

the Archive of the National Police (AHPN). Victims

and survivors vocally objected to the intention to

grant payments to the military for election purposes.

36 Maya Achi Women survivors of sexual violence,

who are the claimants in ongoing criminal

proceedings, participated in the commemoration

and demanded justice.

You can read more about the 36 Maya Achi women

here (in Spanish).