Photo: Participants forum "Women magistrates and judges contributing to the good governance of the country" Credits: MTM

Women organisations in Guatemala give recognition to prominent magistrates and judges

In commemoration of the women’s citizenship day, celebrated on September 8th, the Alliance of Women and Indigenous Women, of which Impunity Watch Guatemala is a member, presented the Forum “Women Magistrates and judges contributing to the good governance of the Country.” 


In addition, a tribute was held to give recognition to three female magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, and three women judges of High Courts in Guatemala who have shown an honest and independent track within the justice system. The magistrates honored were Delia Marina Dávila Salazar, María Eugenia Morales Aceña, and Silvia Verónica García Molina. The judges honored were Iris Yasmin Barrios Aguilar, Ericka Lorena Aifan Dávila and Patricia Bustamante García.


This event was relevant to highlight the importance of having women occupy leadership roles within the justice system who will work in favour of women’s human rights but also in the fight against impunity and corruption. With the upcoming elections for the presidency of the Supreme Court of Justice, the Alliance stated its support for a Magistrate like Delia Davila to be elected president of the Court.