Policy Brief: Genre et justice transitionnelle au Burundi : entre roles sexo-specifiques, hierarchies & dynamiques politiques

As part of our FLOW programme in Burundi, we conducted a research on the importance of integrating a gender dimension in the transitional justice process. We produced Policy Brief, in French, entitled: “Genre et Justice Transitionnelle au Burundi: entre rôles sexo-spécifiques, hiérarchies & dynamiques politiques (Juillet 2018)." [Gender and Transitional Justice in Burundi: between the gender-specific roles, hierarchies, and political dynamics].


The research is based on the hypothesis that including a gender perspective in the transitional justice process helps address structural inequalities that existed before the conflict. The research included focus group discussions that were carried out in December 2017 with communities from the provinces of Bujumbural (rural), Bubanza, Cibitoke, Makamba and Muyinga. The Brief presents the communities’ perceptions on the participation of women in the transitional justice process particularly in the activities of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


The Policy Brief is available in French.