“Kuvuga Akahise” : Let’s Talk About Our History, a Project About Dealing With the Past in Burundi. 

70 young “Peace Brokers” from Muyinga, Burundi were trained on July 13 and 14, 2021 on pedagogical tools designed for use at the community level to advance constructive discussions about past violence, transmission of memories and dealing with the past, using the “I MOSO” book they wrote.


“I MOSO” is a memory book and a compilation of community histories that was researched by 140 youth peer researchers from Muyinga, Bujumbura Rural and Cibitoke. The youth underwent extensive trainings by Impunity Watch on the basics of research including different ethics and methods and were supported to design their own research approaches. Youth then conducted interviews and focus group discussions among their peers about the history of violence in their community and to elicit stories. Stories were compiled in the memory book and used to initiate intergenerational dialogues about the past and as a basis for initiating memory initiatives at the community level.

This training falls within “Kuvuga Akahise” project funded by The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ). The project title means “Let’s talk about our history” and it aims to reinforce social cohesion through dealing with the past.

The workshop will be delivered to youth in Bujumbura Rural and Cibitoke as well, covering all three target provinces.